Social Impact

Reduce Food Waste

NFFM aims to extend the shelf life of chili, turmeric, and ginger to reduce post-harvest loss by 40%.

Increased Income for Local Farmers

Smallholder farmers are able to increase their annual income by 25% because of hassle and contamination free drying, and no food losses. The dried products standards are of high quality and hygienic standards, ready for local, high-end supermarkets and export markets.

Create Jobs

Our target is to create employment for local communities and integrating them as part of NFFM operations and value-chain.

Self-Sustainable Business Model

Our business model will enable us to become self-sustainable within two years of operation. We aim to work with like-minded entrepreneurs to help them developed sustainable businesses on food drying and processing.

Environmental Friendly

Soler dryers' and solar cold storage's contribution to the environment (about saving energy by 40%) and reduce greenhouse gas emission.