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In 2016, Covestro and ASSIST from Vietnam – as implementation partners - and KFW DEG from Germany and Covestro – as financers - developed three small sized Solar Dyers in Wan Dwin and Myittha for chili farmers groups and in Pin Ta Ya for tea farmers’ group in Myanmar.

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About Solar Dryer

Fruits and Vegetables are wasted over 35% of total produce every year due to lack of proper post harvest technology and climate changes. If such amount of wastage can be save, it is a great opportunity to create value to farmers and consumers. Thus, preservation of food and safe food processing is important for improvement on contribution from Agriculture Sector where over 60 % of Myanmar workforce is employed and contributes 25% of Myanmar’s GDP.

Given the high wastage of food and changing pattern of food habits, Solar Dryers become a critical as it also helps farmers to add more income, to improve quality, and produce safer products. Read More Detail

Solar Dryers Domes are lifelong innovation of Dr. Serm from Silpakorn University, Thailand. It is a kind of Direct Solar Dryer with forced convection method. The air inside the solar dyers is heated up by Greenhouse Effect. It is installed with Polycarbonate Sheet (PCS) in a parabolic shape to have better robustness of rain and wind. The Polycarbonate Sheet (PCS) is covered with Ultra Violet Ray protection and it prevents UV rays to pass through which helps to maintain dried products nice color and fragrance. There are four types of Solar Dryer Domes – small size (300 kg), medium size (600 kg), large size (1000 kg), and Jumbo size (1500 kg)

In Thailand, there are more than 600 units which have been installed for Food & Vegetable, marine, spices and etc.

In Myanmar, from May, 2016 up to March, 2018, there are 11 units of Solar Dryers Domes installed in Shan State, Mandalay and Yangon divisions. Hide

Solar Dryer
Jumbo (8m x 27m)
Solar Dryer
Large (8m x 20m)
Solar Dryer
Medium (8m x 12m)
Solar Dryer
Small (8m x 6.2m)

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