Nay Oo

Nay Oo is a native of Yangon City formerly known as Rangoon, the capital of Myanmar (Burma). He was one of the students of Rangoon Institute of Technology in 1988. The institute initiated pro-democracy moment of Myanmar in 1988. After hard university student life, he hold the degree of electrical engineering. After his first degree, he pursued his dream to have English proficiency and attended English Diploma at University of Foreign Languages, Yangon.

Then, he worked for 3 MNCs for 20 years. In 2013, he won the gold medal conferred by Schindler Group for his consistent out-performance of Myanmar Jardine Schindler Ltd., one of the operating Companies of Schindler in Myanmar. He led Myanmar Jardine Schindler Ltd to be the preferable lift supplier and be a market leader in Myanmar.

In 2017 he turned his new leaf in his life and sets up a social enterprise named Natural Farm Fresh Myanmar Co., Ltd. to disseminate innovative solar dryers to farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, home industries, small & medium enterprises, social enterprises, food producers & wholesalers, non-government organizations (NGOs) in Myanmar.

Consequently he found an opportunity to improve quality and hygiene standards of spices especially chilly, turmeric and gingers. In late 2016, the government agency announced that all chilly powder used in Myanmar were not free from Aflatoxin and dyes chemicals. Aflatoxion can lead cancerous health problem and it can develop into liver cancer. He found that Myanmar have lot of liver cancerous health problem in those day. He studied and found that the Aflatoxion is the result of lack and improper Post Harvest Technology and weaknesses in Supply Chain. He believes that if the process in Post Harvest Technology and Supply Chain is improved through a basic solar drying process, the risk of Aflatoxion can be reduced.

He set up four Solar Dryers in Mont Htaw Gyi Village, Myittha, Mandalay Division as a demonstration for other farmers, farmers cooperatives for drying chilly. He received the technical assistance from Silpakon University of Thailand in August and September, 2017. Consequently his company goes to Up Stream Supply Chain of Chilly i.e. he buys fresh ripen chilly from chilly farmers and processes and dries in Solar Dryer. After drying, at properly moisture content (8% moisture content), he packs the dried chilly in vacuum packing or air-tight plastic bottles. At the same time, he sends the dried chilly to labs to find out Aflatoxion B1, B2, G1 and G2 level. He gets a very good result of Aflatoxion B1 from the dried chilly with 0 p.p.b (Parts Per Billion) and Moisture Content of 4.7%.

He also traveled intensely throughout Myanmar and launched successfully Solar Dryers Introduction program to farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, home industries, small & medium enterprises, social enterprises, food processors & wholesalers, non-government organizations (NGOs) from Mandalay, Sagaing, Magwe Divison and Shan States. In December, 2017, he received grant from Responsible Business Fund from Denmark to increase the drying capacity from 4 Solar Dryers to 7 Solar Dryers. Moreover, he is now actively assisting farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, home industries, small & medium enterprises, social enterprises, food processors to receive the grant from Responsible Business Fund from Denmark.

Soe Paing a native of Yangon City as well. He graduated from Government Technical Institute and specialized in Mechanical Engineering. After his graduation, he joined the government service for a while.

Owing to bureaucracy, he decided to leave the government service. Then, he is a real entrepreneur working in different area such as timber trading, garble and sand extraction for construction companies, gold mining and construction. He is very eager to take part in agriculture business. Finally, Nay Oo and he joined together and formed Natural Farm Fresh Myanmar Co., Ltd.

Now both of them is promoting solar dryers and dried chilly powder with the brand of U Sat Ky (Mr. Spicy)

Soe Paing