Solar Dryer Installation in Sittwe

Jan, 2022

Innovate to Nourish (I2N) Challenge Myanmar 2021 organized by Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network, World Food Program, LIFT, and Impact Hub

NFFM took partnership sponsorship in the event held on 23rd December, 2021 at Chatrium Hotel. Objectives of the I2N Challenge

  • Highlight the role of SMEs and innovations in the food systems from the nutrition point of view to all food systems stakeholders.
  • Explore and support SMEs' nutrition-sensitive innovations/creativity in Myanmar that can be linked to investors to encourage investment(s) in nutrition and technical assistance providers to scale up.
  • Provide an opportunity to SMEs to network with business support services including market linkage for further technical support on their products and services.
  • Crowed in technical assistance partners that can support SMEs to develop and integrate innovations into existing business models and effectively manage the associated risks and challenges in the adoption of food system innovations
  • Provide SMEs with targeted business development support in the shape of business model refinement, investment readiness and pitching training.
  • Position SBN as the coordinating mechanism for the private sector especially local SMEs’ investment in nutrition.

NFFM displayed solar dryers’ technology and toxin free Myanmar spices at the event.